Below are samples of our current vacancies. They do not include the confidential and discreet vacancies given to us by our clients.
Feel free to send your CV in English to for a professional personal and discreet service.

Student for “Internet Mining”

Ref: NN001
Marksman the leading employment agency for English Speakers is seeking a student or a home-based freelancer for TOTALLY FLEXIBLE HOURS . Three sources of income for the freelance "Internet Miner":
1st:  Payment for each email with company name and name of the recruiter
2nd Payment: When client signs up
3rd Payment: When Marksman is paid for a successful placement

Work on a freelance basis can be done from Marksman’s new offices in Petach Tikva or from home - with totally flexible hours.

Contact Nat Gordon with brief CV to
052 2573729
  • English Mother Tongue (essential)
  • Super computer literate
  • Able to find ways of contacting all advertised jobs which require fluent English speakers (sales, financial and administrative)
  • Searching job portals and all relevant social media sites
  • Creatively finding email addresses of the person(s) recruiting the vacancy
  • Contacting by phone if necessary (need good spoken Hebrew) to find relevant emails
  • Finding the email, job details (very general) and company name.
  • No “Hard Selling” - our client liaison manager will be responsible for signing them up as clients

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