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Part-time/Freelance "Data Miner" - עברית ובאנגלית

Ref: A28
Marksman is seeking an online researcher to find current vacancies in Israel relating to fluent English speaking Secretaries  & Administrators
He, or she, will search all the Israeli Job Portals, plus the Social Media, to discover current jobs being advertised and then try to find the name and e-mail address of the person dealing with the vacancy advertised
This will require competent spoken Hebrew plus good English
No hard selling is required - just a good PR personality
Work hours are totally flexible and can be home-based, or at the home-based office of Nat Gordon in PETACH TIKVA
Salary can either be on an hourly basis or success based – or a combination of bothA freelancer is preferred
Particularly suitable for a mother, with small children
who loves searching the internet!! 

קורות חיים רק באנגלית
Applications to Nat Gordon,
Skype nat_gordon
This will require competent spoken Hebrew plus good English.
Familiarity with Israeli Job Portals and Social Media.
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