To Employers

When the ISRAELI job portals, social media and generalist employment
agencies are not finding you candidates – then it is time to employ:

Talk to MARKSMAN when you are seeking an especially talented  English speaker or multilingual to work for you or be your agent in Israel, in 
Sales, Finance or Administration roles.

Talk to us when you seek a headhunter who can provide a personal,
discreet and professional service
 and who aims to meet with all clients,
and candidates,
you can contact any of us using our "ABOUT US" webpage.

"A quality headhunting service in Israel since 1982"

Accountancy, Admin / Secretarial, Advertising, Marketing, Banking, Call Center, Customer Service, Digital Marketing, Engineering, Events, Executive Search, Financial Services,

Information Management, Insurance, Investment Management, IT Sales, Translators, Legal, Patent Specialists, Company Secretaries, Logistics, Marketing, Media, Project Management,

Public Relations, Sales, Business Development, Shipping, Supply Chain, Travel, Web Content Management

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