"Personal and Professional Recruitment in Israel since 1982"
Since 1982 we have been providing recruitment services for companies in ISRAEL and for some based outside Israel.  Our clients normally require English speaking professionals at native mother tongue level, or with high fluency.  Most of our candidates speak Hebrew - and many are totally fluent in Hebrew and/or other European languages.
We cover the full range of professions vacancies specializing in:-
ADMINISTRATION, FINANCIAL and SALES.  We also headhunt for Executive level and Director level positions.
Since 1982 our success has been due to our "Personal & Professional" service.
All our Recruitment Consultants are native English speaking Olim (immigrants), from English speaking countries, who can easily relate to the western work mentality which is often required by our clients.
"Personal and Professional Recruitment in Israel since 1982"
Our personal service normally includes an initial visit from one of our Recruiters with regular follow ups and updates from us until the successful placement/s are made. The key to recruitment success is fully sharing all the details of vacancies with candidates, clients and recruiters working as a team.
Our professional service is from experienced, mature and business-orientated consultants guaranteeing clients confidentiality, discretion, and relevant advice.  All our recruiters have had successful careers both in Israel and abroad.
"Personal and Professional Recruitment in Israel since 1982"
Please contact our Managing Partner, Joe Barbasch to receive details of our recruitment services and fee options.
Call him on 03- 696 3383 or on 972(0)525 616 333
e-mail joe@marksman.co.il

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